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Mac Is Back

For those of you who want a hint of color on your pout, MAC just released their Pro Longwear Lipstain Marker ($16). With over 9 shades to chose from ranging from corals to deep mochas you’re bound to find a fun color! Skip the messiness of a gloss and hop over to a stain this spring!

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How to Create a Sexy Smokey Eye

Sessilee Lopez

As the weekend approaches a fun yet classic nighttime look is the “smokey eye.” Forewarning for those who’ve never done it before: Anyone can pull off a smokey eye all it really takes is confidence and a sexy attitude! 

Honestly you can use any shade for a smokey eye but the most compelling colors to use are blue, gray, black, bronze, purple, and silver. To achieve Sessilee’s look start by applying an eyelid primer. I suggest Bare Escentuals Eye Primetime ($16).

This will help prevent creasing and ensure that the shadow doesn’t smudge throughout the night. 

Next pull out your Bare Escentuals Rocker Eye Kit ($38). 

With three smokey shadows and a double-ended application brush its super convenient! Once done basing your lids w/ primer, pull out a light neutral color that is close to your skin tone and apply from the lid until underneath your brow bone. Next apply 1980s Eyecolor (a chrome glimmer) solely over the lid. After this lightly layer Rockstar Eyecolor over the lid, as this is a shimmery metallic that will give you smokey definition. The Black Velvet Eyecolor can double as a crease shadow and eyeliner. Apply Black Velvet in your crease area and outer corners in the shape of a V (making sure to blend to prevent distinct lines of color). Once done blending take this same color and line your eyes along the bottoms lashes, making it thicker around the outer corners of eye area. To make your eyes pop apply a silver/metallic to your tear ducts. To create more smokiness smudge your bottom liner with a q-tip. Once done with this, curl lashes and apply a thick coat of black mascara! Voila! You have a smokey eye and are ready to head out! 

Make sure to keep your lip color nude or neutral as to not detract from your eyes. Work it ladies!

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"We are not women of color. I am a woman with skin of color. I am not an ethnicity but a skin tone."


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Okay ladies! Foundation is a foundational (no pun intended hehe) piece to your makeup regimen. With what seems like a million products on the market advertising as the “Best Cover Up” these days it’s no wonder we end up confused, overwhelmed, and get exhausted spending money on new products. Ever heard of Bare Escentuals?

I swear it’s the best thing since sliced bread! Of all the liquids and powder foundations I’ve tried this one has been the best for my skin and the healthiest. Ever looked at the ingredients on the back of your liquid foundation bottle? Most have over 20+ ingredients in them w/ oils, preservatives/miscellaneous…it’s like what the heck am I putting on my face? Seriously. I’m sure you’ve had the anxiety of having your foundation not completely blending in- leaving you with a visible line between your face and your neck… or that you’re face will have that ashy look because it doesn’t match our gold and red undertones. 

Well, Bare Escentuals (B.E.) is the answer. Let me break it down:

  • The foundation only has 5 ingredients which include: Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Bismuth Oxychloride, Mica, Iron Oxide
  • The foundation has no preservatives, oils, waxes.
  •  It has SPF 15 (Sun protection is a must). 
  • The minerals don’t expire or harbor bacteria, so it essentially last forever.

B.E. foundation will give you the flawless look you want and improve your skin at the same time (it’s recommended by most dermatologist too!). 

With over 12 shades for women from tan to deep complexions what isn’t there to love?

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